Industries We Serve

  • Moulds: Injection, Compression, Diecast, Blow, Extrusion, Glass & Rubber
  • Forms & Punches
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Tooling
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Coining Dyes
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Parts



Polishing Services

J.D.S. Accufinish Ltd. has built a strong reputation for excellence in the metal polishing and metal finishing industry.  While we are experienced in the common, precision, high quality finishes required in the Tool and Die industry, and we excel in specialized custom diamond and lapping finishes to SPE-SPI A-1 (1 micron finish).  We can polish your medical molds and in light of our well equipped facility and experienced staff, we can finish steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, acrylic, Lexan, etc. Our goal at J.D.S. Accufinish Ltd is to complete your job exceeding expectations and delivering quality at an affordable price and on time!

SPI Finishes

We produce these finishes: while maintaining centricity on round pieces, edge integrity on small parts, in deep cavities, on both large and small parts, in hard to reach areas; all the while maintaining all tolerances as requested by the customer.

A-1                  Grade #3 Diamond Buff
A-2                  Grade #6 Diamond Buff
A-3                  Grade #15 Diamond Buff

B-1                   600 Grit Paper
B-2                  400 Grit Paper
B-3                  320 Grit Paper

C-1                  600 Stone          
C-2                  400 Stone
C-3                  320 Stone

Dry Blast
D-1                  Dry Blast Glass Bead #11   
D-2                  Dry Blast #240 Oxide 
D-3                  Dry Blast #24 Oxide