Welcome to JDS Accufinish Ltd.

Our commitment to quality is to be proactive in everything we do. Continuous monitoring of specifications and processes will ensure the product we polish not only meets customer requirement, but surpasses acceptable standards.

Quality. Precision. Accuracy. On Time.

Quality is not important if you can't have your product on time. Having your product on time is not important if the quality is not up to standards. This is why JDS Accufinish Ltd ensures quality and accurate timing.


We pride ourselves on our equipment because it ensures the best quality. We use CMM for precise measurements. Quick Vision® supports both vision measurement and high accuracy 3D measurement in one machine.

Our Standards

JDS Accufinish Ltd  maintains some of the highest standards and qualifications in the industry with commitment, management, training and empowerment by our team of experts. Only through these combined efforts are we able to achieve and maintain these to best serve your metal finishing needs.

30 Years and going strong

We recently celebrated a very important milestone – 30 years in business. It marked the culmination of 30 years serving and working with our fantastic and loyal customers. We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to our valued and loyal customers for your continued support over the last 30 years. 

Industries We Service

  • Moulds: Injection, Compression, Diecast, Blow, Extrusion, Glass & Rubber
  • Forms & Punches
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Parts
  • Industrial Tooling
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Coining Dyes
  • Automotive


  • This is where we make you shine, to whatever degree you desire. JDS Accufinish is dedicated to the people we feel closest to: the Moldmaker, the Diesinker, the Benchman and all the fine tradesmen in the metal finishing trade. Personal attention to your individual requirements, large or small, is the chief ingredient in conducting our business.